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Any Given Child

Application Process and Form

The Application

Download the Any Given Child application here:


How to Apply

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Communities are accepted into the Any Given Child initiative through an application process. Applications are accepted between January 1 and March 31. Contact the Kennedy Center at (202) 416-8843 for more information.

  • A community member contacts the Kennedy Center to indicate interest and to discuss the application process.
  • A Phase I Liason for the local initiative is identified.
  • The Liason assembles the Community Arts Team (CAT). The CAT is a group of 25-35 local leaders who represent a broad cross-section of the community, and who are interested in working together to provide greater access to arts education for students in grades K-8 throughout their community. The CAT includes high-level representatives from the Mayor's office/local government; the Superintendent's team within the school district; arts organizations and museums that provide education programs; the business community; philanthropy; communication organizations; and higher education. The CAT also includes a researcher who will take primary responsibility for data collection for the Any Given Child initiative. This person may be from the school district assessment office, higher education, or other local organization.
  • The Liason submits the application to the Kennedy Center, including letters of support from the school district Superintendent, the Mayor, and the CEO of a local arts organization (such as a local arts council or a major arts presenter/producer in the community). Note that Any Given Child sites apply and begin their work with a single school district. Additional districts may be included in the project in subsequent years under the guidance of the local initiative, rather than the Kennedy Center.
  • After review of all applications, the Kennedy Center consulting team selects communities to visit and meets with the Mayor, the school district Superintendent, and the CAT to discuss the initiative.


Watch a recording of the Any Given Child program and application webinar held on December 13, 2017.

Financial Commitment

The Any Given Child site assumes responsibility for convening the Community Arts Team (CAT), data collection, and drafting and implementing the strategic plan. The Kennedy Center facilitates CAT strategic planning and leverages existing Kennedy Center resources to support the implementation of the site's strategic plan.

For these Kennedy Center services, which total $125,000, the cost to the community is $25,000. This one-time expense contributes toward Kennedy Center consulting team time, travel, and materials, as well as the costs associated with the Kennedy Center resources (workshops for teachers, seminars for teaching artists, and conferences) provided to the site. This fee is due to the Kennedy Center in the first year of participation.

Financial Contribution chart

For more details, see pages 11-12 of the Any Given Child booklet.

Through the 2011-2012 school year, the Kennedy Center worked with a professional research company to conduct an analysis of the Any Given Child program's effectiveness. The executive summary is available.

Watch & Listen

Any Given Child in Springfield, Missouri

Any Given Child in Fresno, California

Any Given Child

For more information about Any Given Child call (202) 416-8843