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Any Given Child


Any Given Child communities describe seven outcomes that have resulted from their participation in the Kennedy Center's initiative. For more information on outcomes, download A National Mission: Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child .

  1. Increased Student Access
  2. A Foundation of Robust Data
  3. A Shared Community Vision and a Commitment to Act
  4. A Collective Impact
  5. Increased Capacity
  6. Improved Ability to Leverage Support
  7. A Growing National Network

Sites are reporting remarkable growth in arts education programs, resources, and staffing since they began their initiatives.

Austin, TX: The school district has added the equivalent of 8.5 full-time creative learning positions. Together, the school district, community arts organizations, and universities have provided $2,814,839 in additional support for arts education.

Baltimore, MD: Half-time positions for visual arts or music teachers have been mandated for every elementary and middle school. Many schools are above this staffing level; however, this is the first time the district has articulated a minimum requirement.

Fresno, CA: The school district has allocated an additional $2 million for arts education.

Jacksonville, FL: The superintendent has allocated an additional $1.8 million for arts education.

Portland, OR: The equivalent of 23.5 full-time arts education positions have been added to Portland Public Schools. A new public fund, supported by local income tax dollars, is providing grants for arts access programs and restoring certified art and music teachers to every elementary school in Portland Public Schools and five other districts.

Sacramento, CA: In 2009, only 17% of K-8 students were participating in any arts experience during the school day. Today, 100% of K-8 students have the opportunity to participate in the arts.

Springfield, MO: Community arts organizations have added performances and exhibitions to ensure every child has at least one cultural experience each year.

Tulsa, OK: There has been a combined total of $998,885 in increased funding for arts education from the school district, community arts organizations, and foundations.

Through the 2011-2012 school year, the Kennedy Center worked with a professional research company to conduct an analysis of the Any Given Child program's effectiveness. The executive summary is available.

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Any Given Child in Springfield, Missouri

Any Given Child in Fresno, California

Any Given Child

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