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Recognizing the key role school administrators play in teachers' professional learning and the inclusion of arts education programs in schools, the Kennedy Center has established and co-chairs two groups of local administrators: THE PRINCIPALS' ARTS EDUCATION FORUM and THE COUNCIL OF METROPOLITAN ARTS SUPERVISORS. Each group meets four times each year at the Kennedy Center to address issues related to the improvement of education, specifically education in the arts. In addition, members serve in an advisory capacity to the Kennedy Center Education Department and provide important information about the critical education issues affecting the schools and advice concerning professional learning needs.

Principals' Arts Education Forum

Established in 1995, the Principals' Arts Education Forum includes more than 200 members—principals and assistant principals—who are concerned about improving arts education programs in their schools. Convened at the Kennedy Center four times a year, the meetings provide information about such topics as arts advocacy, current research in arts education, arts integration, and ways to strengthen school arts programs. In addition, each year a principal hosts a site visit to his/her school to showcase their arts education programs.

Council of Metropolitan Arts Supervisors

Established by the Kennedy Center in 1981, the Council of Metropolitan Arts Supervisors is comprised of arts instructional supervisors from 16 school districts in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Council provides a valuable forum for and support of arts in the schools. Meeting topics have included assessment in the arts, advocacy, the changing role of the arts supervisor, research in arts education, and innovative arts programs in schools. In addition, the Council and the Kennedy Center annually co-sponsor a workshop for arts specialists.

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