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The Kennedy Center
Living Pictures: A Theatrical Technique for Learning Across the Curriculum
A Video Workshop for Teachers of Grades 2-6
Led by Sean Layne, professional actor and arts educator
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Living Pictures: Ordering Information

Please print and complete all sections of the form below. Fax to (202) 416-8860 with a copy of a purchase order. If paying by check, make check payable to "The Kennedy Center" and mail to:

Living Pictures
Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers
The Kennedy Center
PO Box 10808
Arlington, VA 22210

For Facilitators of Professional Development Programs:
Option A: Basic Set - $165
Includes videocassette, 1 Facilitator's Guide with compact disc of music for warm-ups, transparency for an activity, and 20 Guides for Teachers.

Additional Set(s) of Materials
5 compact discs of music and 5 transparencies for use in the classroom - $20
5 Guides for Teachers - $40

For Individual Teachers:
Option B: $120
Includes videocassette, 1 Guide for Teachers, compact disc, and transparency

Contact Information:

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