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The Kennedy Center

Visiting Artists Program

The Kennedy Center Visiting Artists Program is designed to increase and highlight the arts in education by bringing the very best in the performing arts to area schools. For students in kindergarten through senior high school, the Visiting Artists Program provides a wide range of dancers, musicians, and actors in performances, lecture/ demonstrations, discussions and unique "hands-on" workshops.

2004/2005 Visiting Artist Brochure
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Visiting Artists Application Form
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Site Requirements
In order to ensure the quality of school residency program events, we request that the following requirements be met by the participating schools. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Visiting Artist Program Assistant at (202) 416-8849.

Before the Event

  1. Name and phone numbers for coordinator and/or teacher and principal at the school site.
  2. Audience information sent to program assistant: grade levels participating, number of students, background of students (musicians, non-musicians, band, orchestra, vocal, etc.).
  3. Schedule information sent to program assistant: class length, size of performance space, time needed for seating students at workshop, etc.
  4. Letters of invitation to appropriate school district personnel not at the site.
  5. Preparation of the students for the event (background material to be pr ovided by the Kennedy Center).

Day of the Event

  1. Piano tuned (if applicable).
  2. Page turner for the accompanist (if applicable).
  3. Water and coffee available for the artist(s).
  4. Warm-up/rehearsal space or green room available for the artist(s).
  5. School representative to introduce the Kennedy Center personnel.

After the Event

  1. Submission of completed event evaluation form (no less than one week after the event).
  2. Thank you letter sent to the artist(s) c/o Kennedy Center Education Department.
  3. Discussion with students about the artist's presentation.

For additional information and recently added artists, call (202) 416-8849.

[Fort Hunt Elementary School]
A dancer from the Los Danzaq group greets students and staff following a performance at Fort Hunt Elementary School.

[Photo of Andes Manta in Classroom]
Andes Manta musicians demonstrate handmade, authentic panpipes at a 2003 performance and discussion residency.