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The Kennedy Center

2010 VSA and MetLife Foundation Arts Connect All Awardees

The following 11 organizations received grants up to $15,000 to continue their work in providing inclusive educational programs that engage students with and without disabilities:

  • AXIS Dance Company (Oakland, Calif.): Dance Access/KIDS!—Youth learn contemporary dance through a combination of after-school instruction, in-school residency, and performances.
  • Bethune Theatredanse (Los Angeles, Calif.): Infinite Dreams—Elementary and middle school students participate in a dance and dramatic arts program that culminates in community performances and includes in-service training for instructors.
  • CENTERSTAGE (Baltimore, Md.): Playwrights in Schools—Students build literacy skills through an exploration of dramatic literature and the act of playwriting.
  • Charter Oak Cultural Center (Hartford, Conn.): Arts for All—Children take part in movement, dance, and theater arts experiences in which they choreograph collaborative works.
  • Hammonds House Museum (Atlanta, Ga.): Think With Your Senses/Feel With Your Mind—Elementary- and high-school students create multi-sensory artworks to be combined into a public, sculptural installation.
  • In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (Minneapolis, Minn.): Puppet Residencies—High school students use mask making and mask performance to explore principles of compassion and nonviolence; program artists also receive training in teaching strategies for the inclusive classroom.
  • Luna Kids Dance (Berkeley, Calif.): Middle School Dance Inclusion—Students develop creative dance skills through kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and literary experiences; the program also provides professional development for educators.
  • Nashville Symphony (Nashville, Tenn.): One Note, One Neighborhood—Students gain a musical education through concerts, string instrument instruction, and performing while addressing curriculum content in social studies, language arts, and critical thinking skills.
  • Oregon Cultural Access (Portland, Ore.): Inclusive Arts Vibe—Youth build artistic skills in movement and dance while being introduced to the concepts of disability culture and pride.
  • Upstream Arts (Minneapolis, Minn.): Success in the Arts—Children build artistic, social, and communication skills through dance, theater, music, visual arts, and poetry workshops.
  • Young Audiences of Massachusetts (Somerville, Mass.): Together We Can Fly—Students explore the concepts of flight, dreams, and hope through a visual art and dance residency that culminates in a performance presentation.