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The Kennedy Center

Winners of the VSA International Young Soloists Competition

2002 Award Recipients

VSA arts is proud to acknowledge the extraordinary talents and efforts of the 2002 Young Soloists Awards winners.

Panasonic Young Soloists Award

Missa Haas

Picture of Missa Haas Twenty-one year old pianist Missa Haas, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This 2002 Panasonic Young Soloist Award recipient is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and has recently been nominated "Outstanding Student of the Year." Living with a progressive respiratory condition has inspired Missa to pursue music therapy studies. In addition to continuing her musical studies, she hopes to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities and terminal illnesses through music.

Anthony Hearn

Picture of Anthony Hearn 2002 Panasonic Young Soloist Award recipient, Anthony Hearn is an eighteen year old vocalist from Eden, North Carolina. Anthony, who has a learning disability, has been studying voice for six years and says that his love for music began as a young child singing with his church choir. He is a frequent soloist at church and in community functions. His special interest in religious and classical music has fueled a strong desire to further his musical education to help others appreciate the fine arts. Anthony is a senior at John Motley Morehead High School.

Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloists Award

Adrian Anantawan

Picture of Adrian Anantawan 2002 Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloist Award recipient, 18 year old violinist Adrian Anantawan is from Mississaugua, Ontario Canada. Born without his right hand, Adrian has been studying since age nine and has received many awards. He has performed with the National Young Orchestra of Canada and served as concertmaster for the Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto. Adrian is currently studying under Ida Kavafian and Yumi Nomoiya Scott at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

Catriona Hetherington

Picture of Catriona Hetherington Twenty-five year old cellist Catriona Hetherington, also a 2002 Rosemary Kennedy International Young Soloist Award Winner, is from Dunfermline, Scotland. Catriona, who is deaf, began to play the cello at age nine at the Saturday Junior Department of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. In 2000 Catriona was awarded her Master of Music Degree with distinction from the Academy. She has received several scholarships and currently has the privilege of studying with renowned international soloist Robert Cohen in London and Switzerland.