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The Kennedy Center

Kids Create Opera

The Washington National Opera and Kennedy Center Education are proud to support the work of classrooms that write, compose, design, produce, and perform their own original operas. Kids Create Opera is an 8 day intensive followed by a year of monthly support meetings for K-5 classroom teachers wishing to implement authentic, project-based learning. Building on years of successful use and development in area classrooms, this approach to the standard curriculum emphasizes student engagement-which is linked to positive academic and behavioral outcomes-and utilizes key practices for developing SEL skills, addressing the achievement and opportunity gaps, and developing skills necessary for the 21st-century workplace. The program is designed for K-5 classroom teachers or equal partnerships between classroom and arts teachers. However, the professional development seminar is open to all: classroom teachers, special area teachers, SPED and ESOL teachers, principals, staff, volunteers–anyone who may assist in the implementation of the project. No previous background in opera, music, or theater is necessary.

The 2018 professional development seminar will be held August 1-8. Click the "Apply Now" link below for more information and to register for the session.

Apply Now

For more information, please contact us via email or by calling (202) 416-8846.

(202) 416-8846