June 2007 - August 2007: Issue 23

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From The Editor: The Four Possibilities

Recently I had a play accepted into a local theater festival. I was very elated, because I had been trying for years to get into this highly competitive annual event. My satisfaction was diminished by only one thing: I didn't think much of my play. I regarded it as a piece of fluff and felt that the festival judges had rejected much better plays of mine in the past. As they say, go figure.

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Perspectives: Focus on Education

Interviews by Janet Salmons, Ph.D.

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People: Emily Mann, Playwright, Director and Artistic Director

Interviewed by Paul Kahn
Let me start by asking you a little bit about your background. Was there anybody in your family involved in theatre or the arts?
Oh, no, as a matter of fact. My father was an American historian. He died in '93. He was a professor of American History. He went to Harvard on the GI Bill and got his PhD and went to Brooklyn College undergraduate. And then he taught at MIT and then Smith College. He believed in the education of women, so I was very lucky. My mother is a reading teacher who is still alive, and my sister is a literary agent.

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News And Notes:

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