December 2007 - February 2008: Issue 25

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From the Editor: Mythbusters

I have been reflecting recently on the courage of actors with disabilities. Not only must they deal with the performance anxieties common to all actors, but they also must overturn one of the most deeply embedded cultural myths that oppress us. That is the myth that we are defined by our bodies.

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Perspectives: My Idea of "Making It" by Marilee Talkington

A little over three years ago I was quickly indoctrinated into the true meaning of "making it in New York City." The first six months were NOT spent turning down offers for lead roles in the next Broadway hit. Nor did they include booking numerous national commercials, which would have afforded me the ability to forego a survival job and live off my residual checks. And the first year certainly didn't include me bragging to my friends back home, "Oh, yeah! Moving to New York is a piece of cake; in fact it's been the easiest transition of my life." Nope. None of this even came close to happening. And yet, that's what's in the back of almost every actor's mind when they first come here. We say to ourselves, "Oh, I know it's going to be hard. I'll have to pound the pavement for a while." But what we're really thinking, is, "I'll pound the pavement for three weeks, get discovered, and be living the life of my dreams in a matter of months. Yeah, yeah, it's not the norm to hit it big right away, but I'm an exception to the rule."

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People: Jane Norman, Teacher, Media Consultant, Producer

You're on the faculty at Gallaudet University. What do you teach there?
This semester marks my 28th year of teaching at Gallaudet University. At the moment, I'm teaching Introduction to Mass Communication. I have taught a wide range of courses, including Producing for Television, Images of Deaf People in Media, Public Relations and special topic courses related to the media.

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Resources: DEAL: Disability in Entertainment and Arts Link

DEAL: Disability in Entertainment and Arts Link is a New York-based collective of arts and entertainment professionals dedicated to the full inclusion of people with disabilities—physical, developmental, intellectual, and sensory—in all sectors of American arts and entertainment.

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News And Notes:

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