September 2008 - November 2008: Issue 28
A Special Issue On Deaf Performing Arts


Up-And-Coming Filmmakers

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Jules Dameron, University of Southern California

Medium shot of Jules Dameron pointing

Ms. Dameron has a BA in Television-Cinema from Gallaudet University and is currently studying for her MFA in filmmaking.


Aidan Mack, School of Visual Arts, New York

Head shot of Aidan Mack behind a camera

Ms. Mack has attended California State University at Northridge and Gallaudet University. She is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in filmmaking.


Adrean Mangiardi, Art Institute of Chicago

Head shot of Adrean Mangiardi

Mr. Mangiardi is currently a graduate student at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago studying film/video/new media. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology film program. His film, "Equilibrium" was featured in the "Through Deaf Eyes" PBS documentary.


Jevon Whetter, filmmaker and actor, American Film Institute

Smiling head shot of Jevon Whetter

Mr. Whetter has acting credits with the National Theatre of the Deaf and Deaf West. He holds a masters degree in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University and is currently entering his second year as an AFI fellow, where he is focusing on producing