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Any Given Child a Kennedy Center Education Program


The primary goal of the Kennedy Center's Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child program is to assist communities in developing and implementing a plan for expanded arts education in their schools, ensuring access and equity for all students in grades K-8. Although the initiative provides a structure for work to be accomplished, the Kennedy Center understands that every community is unique, and tailors the consultation and facilitation to each site.

The Kennedy Center brings to this initiative more than three decades of work with thousands of students, teachers, principals, school district administrators, business leaders, and arts managers across the country.

The Need

Equity in and access to a strong arts education remains an issue for too many students.

For most young people, access to arts education during their school years is sporadic and uneven. They may have access during some years and none during others. When they do participate in arts education, students may have uneven access to content—learning in or through some art forms and not others. Additionally, equity is an issue. Students in some schools have less access to arts education than students in other schools.

A strong district arts education plan is achieved when all students, in Kindergarten through grade 8, have ongoing and equal access to learning in and through all the arts—dance, music, theater, visual arts, and media arts.


The goal of the Any Given Child initiative is to create full access to and equity in arts education programs and resources for K-8 students.

To achieve this goal, communities:

  1. Develop and meet long-term goals and short-term action steps for planning, implementing, and sustaining arts education programs and resources for students.
  2. Establish an organizational infrastructure to oversee and sustain an effective effort.
  3. Develop support systems (including data collection, resources, and professional development) for arts education providers, such as classroom teachers, arts specialists, administrators, arts organizations, and teaching artists.
  4. Secure funding and other resources necessary to sustain the community's long-term goals for K-8 arts education for every child.
  5. Communicate and collaborate with policymakers and leaders to influence arts and education policy in the school district, local government, and arts organizations, so that the initiative's gains are institutionalized.

For more details, download the Any Given Child booklet.

Through the 2011-2012 school year, the Kennedy Center worked with a professional research company to conduct an analysis of the Any Given Child program's effectiveness. The executive summary is available.

For more information about Any Given Child call (202) 416-8843

Watch & Listen

Any Given Child in Springfield, Missouri

Any Given Child in Fresno, California