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The Kennedy Center

Any Given Child a Kennedy Center Education Program

Program Process & Timeline

Through the application procedure, the Any Given Child site demonstrates support from the school district Superintendent, the Mayor or other senior government official, and a local arts organization leader. This cross-sector community commitment provides a foundation for the initiative's three phases.

Phase One: Strategic Planning (Year 1)

Guided by a Kennedy Center consulting team, community leaders participate in a strategic planning process that includes visioning, goal-setting, and development of surveys to determine the current status of arts education and to identify where gaps exist in programs and resources. At the end of this Phase, the survey findings, along with long-range goals and action steps, are announced at a public event and documented in a report. The Kennedy Center consulting team offers additional technical assistance by phone/email and provides select resources.

Phase Two: Implementation (Years 2, 3, and 4)

Guided by an Implementation Committee, the community puts the strategic plan into action. The Implementation Committee is responsible for ensuring funding for program activities, as well as overseeing communications and marketing. The Kennedy Center consulting team visits the site on a limited basis, offers technical assistance by phone/email as needed, and provides select resources.

Phase Three: Sustaining (Year 5 and beyond)

The community sustains and expands arts education offerings and continues to ensure funding and staffing for program initiatives, communications, and marketing. During this Phase, Kennedy Center staff visit the site on a limited basis, offer technical assistance by phone/email as needed, and provide support for select resources. This Phase has no end date.

All Phases

While the Kennedy Center leverages existing resources and connections to assist the community in improving access to arts education, all fundraising, grant-writing, and budget activities related to the initiative are the community's responsibility.

For more details, see pages 3-9 of the Any Given Child booklet.

Through the 2011-2012 school year, the Kennedy Center worked with a professional research company to conduct an analysis of the Any Given Child program's effectiveness. The executive summary is available.

For more information about Any Given Child call (202) 416-8843

Watch & Listen

Any Given Child in Springfield, Missouri

Any Given Child in Fresno, California