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The Kennedy Center

National Partnerships

teacher, students and their fun projects

Education at the Kennedy Center includes the following three nation-wide networks. The National Partnerships office manages Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child and Partners in Education.

Any Given Child

The mission of the Kennedy Center's Any Given Child initiative is to assist communities in developing a plan for expanded arts education, ensuring access and equity for all students in grades K-8.

Any Given Child assists communities in developing and implementing a plan to ensure equal access to arts education for all students in grades K-8. Although the initiative provides a structure for work to be accomplished, the Kennedy Center understands that every community is unique, and tailors the consultation and facilitation to each site. Sites also become part of a national network of communities who are also working toward the same goal and can share knowledge and experience.

Partners in Education

The mission of Partners in Education is to foster partnerships among arts organizations, schools, and communities.

The Partners in Education program is designed to assist arts organizations throughout the nation to develop or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems. The primary purpose of these partnerships in the arts is to promote the professional learning of teachers.

Education at the Kennedy Center supports these networks through:

  • Professional Learning;
  • Resource Development; and
  • Technical Support.

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