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The Kennedy Center

Partners in Education

Workshops for Parents and Community Members

The workshops that follow have been developed for parents and other community members (i.e., school board members, school administrators, members of the business community, community leaders). The purpose of the workshops is to help participants experience first-hand the benefits that students derive from participating in learning activities that connect the arts with other subject areas. For additional information, contact Partners in Education, The Kennedy Center, 2700 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20566, or call (202) 416-8843.

Booking a Workshop for Parents and Community Members

The fee for a workshop will be negotiated between the sponsoring organization and the workshop leader or agent for the workshop. Sponsors should contact the workshop leader directly to determine his/her availability. In addition to the fee, other expenses incurred by the sponsor include round-trip airfare, hotel room, per diem appropriate to the individual locality, and local ground transportation for the workshop leader in the hosting community.

In all media and printed materials in which the workshop is advertised and/or described, the following statement must be included: "This [workshop/presentation/course] was developed in association with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and is partially underwritten by the U.S. Department of Education, and the National Committee for the Performing Arts."

Workshop Leader Workshop Title Intended Audience
Randy Barron Learning Through Movement For Parents, School Board Members, Business Community Members, and Principals
Harlan Brownlee Bringing the Arts Back to Basic: Understanding the Benefits of the Arts in the Classroom For Parents and School Board Members
Deborah Brzoska Kids Need What the Arts Teach For Principals, District Administrators, Business Leaders, and Arts Organization Administrators
Linking the Arts with Learning in Other Subjects For Parents and Other Community Members
Marcia Daft Artistic Mindstorms: Developing Analytical, Critical, Creative, and Social Skills For Parents, School Administrators, Administrators of Performing Arts Institutions, and Members of the Business Community
Karen Erickson Drama: The Missing Link to Classroom Learning For Parents and Other Community Members
Rosalind Flynn Exploring Secondary School Literature and Social Studies through Drama Techniques For Secondary School Administrators and Parents of Secondary Students (grades 6-12)
From Story to Stage: The Drama in Classroom Literature For Elementary School Administrators and Parents of Elementary Students
Kim and Reggie Harris Sing to Freedom/Sing to Learning: The Role and Value of Arts in the Classroom For Parents, Administrators, and Community Members
Eric Johnson Dancing Toward the Standards: Fractions and Decimals For Parents, Administrators, Principals, and Community Members
Lenore Blank Kelner Drama + Curriculum = Success for Every Child For Parents of Elementary Students
Judy Thibault Klevins Building Community Through Storytelling For Parents and Other Community Members
Sean Layne Arts Education: Using Drama as an Educational Tool For Parents, Principals, and Members of the Business Community
Sandra Phaup Helping Children Think and Write Through Visual Arts For Parents of Elementary Students