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Turnaround Arts is a school reform effort that transforms priority schools through the strategic use of the arts. We envision a world in which all students engage in a well-rounded education and exude confidence, critical thinking, and creativity as a result.

What We Do

Turnaround Arts brings arts education resources into priority and focus schools as a strategic tool for targeting larger school challenges and opportunities.

Our Impact

From improving academic achievement to decreasing disciplinary problems, research is illuminating Turnaround Arts’ positive impact in schools. Turnaround Arts works in a cohort of the lowest performing 5% of America’s elementary and middle schools. A 3-year program evaluation of the Turnaround Arts pilot schools, released in 2015, found significant improvement in academic achievement, reduction in disciplinary referrals and increases in attendance, among other findings. In addition, the study found that Turnaround Arts schools outperformed comparable schools in their city or state that received federal funds for school improvement (“SIG schools”).

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