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The Kennedy Center

VSA Playwright Discovery Competition
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the "Disability Experience"?

A: While the disability experience is different for each individual, we have resources that will help you think about how you might like to address the theme.

Q: Does the Kennedy Center accept scripts in non-traditional formats?

A: Absolutely. Acceptable entries include traditional theater, film, or TV scripts, non-linear scripts, scripts that do not rely on spoken language, spoken word poetry, and/or scripts that emphasize the use of multimedia, non-traditional technologies/techniques, puppetry and audience participation. Entries will be accepted in traditional text format, but may also be submitted as video or audio files.

Q: Can I submit a play that was co-written by two or more people?

A: Yes. We accept entries from groups of up to five writers. Please note that all writers need to be in the same competition division and at least one of the writers must be a student with a disability.

Q: I wrote a play for a class at school. Can I enter it into the competition?

A: Yes. Please make sure that all application guidelines are met.

Q: I am interested in writing scripts for TV and film. Can I submit a screenplay instead of a stage play?

A:Yes. We accept entries written for performance, including screenplays, play scripts, and musical theater.

Q: I need more information. How do I contact VSA?

A: For more information or to receive a hard copy of the application and guidelines, please feel free to contact the Office of VSA and Accessibility at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. We can be reached at 202-416-8898 (voice) or via e-mail at