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Aurelia Arnold

Photo of Aurelia Arnold

She has always drawn, but the people at VSA arts were the first to take her art as seriously as she did. "At VSA arts she is seen primarily as an artist, not as a person to be looked after... In the past, I suspect that Aurelia's artwork was seen as something to keep her occupied. At VSA arts, her work is taken seriously."

"When painting, Aurelia seems completely absorbed. She is very methodical... I've never known her to paint something that she didn't consider to be beautiful... Aurelia's choice of colors are always striking and rich. This is part of her personality... Another important thing for Aurelia is the chance to earn money, and spend it on what she wants... Aurelia is very aware of the money she earns from selling her work through the VSA arts Gallery."

Wendy Zollinger says, "She must resemble the last Queen of Hawaii. She enters the studio, gathers up her materials, and settles down with authority. Without hesitation, she begins to work, using her brush or other tools with great delicacy."

Aurelia now lives in a group home. She chooses which classes she wants to be in every six weeks at the VSA arts New Mexico Enabled Art Center. She chooses her own materials, when she wants to work and how, and she earns money.