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Brad Lankton

Photo of Brad Lankton

Brad Lankton uses his painting and poetry for self-dialogue, reflection and expression. Once a week he gallery-sits for the VSA arts gallery in Hartford, CT. He enjoys watching gallery visitors considering the works on display.

"I notice how they concentrate...They don't say much of anything when they're looking at the paintings. It's neat, because you know the paintings are communicating with the people...I love it when somebody looks at a painting and sees something that I didn't see. I readjust and see how they see it."

Brad paints in a wide variety of styles, sometimes surreal and sometimes impressionistic. He occasionally uses them to record his feelings, and other times just lets them flow, finding their own form in the process of their production.

"The process of creating is really a joy for me. It's not just the end result that I like. What's neat about painting is that I can go into it with one thing in my mind and come out of it with something different...I'll picture something on the paper, and then when I get into it -- when I start painting it -- it changes. Part of this is letting yourself be led...The creative process of putting it together can be very soothing. You run the gamut of emotions -- you can feel a lot of different things in a lot of different ways...It isn't always easy. Sometimes its sad, sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's joyful. But the process is as important as the end result."

Brad is a 24 year cancer survivor and has schizophrenia.