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Artists Featured in Book

Artists Featured in Book

Photo of Brom Wikstrom

Brom Wikstrom was introduced to the arts community in Seattle through his father who is also an artist. Then, 20 years ago, a serious diving accident forever changed Brom's life. After a long recuperation, Brom resumed his work as an artist. Now a member of the highly selective Association of Mouth and Foot Painters, he credits his involvement with VSA arts as the deciding factor in becoming a member.

Brom participated in the very first VSA arts International Festival in 1989. At that time, he was working with the Seattle Children's Hospital and he took some kids from the hospital to the festival and showed his work and theirs.

"I've seen not only the impact that working with children has had on my life directly, but the impact that it's had on the kids. They've felt a lot safer exploring themselves creatively by having my example to look at. I sure didn't get into working with kids to provide a role model. But it's worked out that way....There really wasn't anybody out there with a disability that you could look to and say, here's somebody who isn't perfectly physically fit but they're happy and they look like they are fulfilled."