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Doug Landis

Photo of Doug Landis

"I like to draw because it's something I can do where I don't need much help once I set up. I have a lot of control over it, and I'm my own person once I'm working on it. There is freedom in that ... I found a talent in myself that lead me to believe that everybody has talents. If I can do this ... everybody can find something in themselves -- people can do multiple things in fact. I think that it's important to find those talents. It helps give you hope; it helps you get through life."

Following a wrestling injury, teenager Doug Landis plunged into a deep depression. A dare to outdraw his brother catapulted him out of that depression. He saw his sketching as a hobby, never seeing himself as a serious artist. He developed a keen interest in the anatomy and movement of endangered species. VSA arts was the first gallery to show his work. After a trip to Belgium with VSA arts, where his work received a tremendous response, things started to change for Doug. "These were real boosts for me, reinforcing that maybe this was something that I needed to explore in myself." He began to consider himself an artist.

Doug paints with his mouth. "I'd rather them see the artwork first and then see the accomplishment of how I did it. The artwork is more important than how I did it."