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Artists Featured in Book

Genny Zbach

Photo of Genny Zbach

In the five short years Genny had been working as a beadmaker, she had already been featured in the designer showcase at an international bead conference. She considers her jewelry wearable art, another language, and wearable emotion.

"I do not feel I am being maligned if I'm referred to as a disabled artist. In fact, I'm proud of it. Some artisans don't want any word about being disabled involved with their art. But to me, that is who I am. Art was also always a part of me. It allowed me to fit in where any other part of me didn't work quite so well."

Genny has muscular dystrophy. It sometimes makes her appointments with retailers and participation in crafts shows difficult. However, she considers it her duty to keep going to make it easier for the other artists with disabilities who come after her.

"I've never had a sale because I'm disabled. My work is able to carry its own [weight], and that's got to be the way it is for all disabled artists. They've got to compete in the regular market."