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Hope Avery

Phot of Hope Avery

"She's a pretty fantastic kid. When you watch her dance, anyone who loves dancing sees themselves. Even with her physical limitations, she just carries with her the spirit of dance. It just shines through."

- Janis Baker, Hope's dance teacher

Hope has always loved to dance and uses dance as a medium of self expression. Like many ten-year olds, she takes dance classes. But, unlike many of her peers, Hope has spoken in front of 800 people at the Shriners Hospital for Kids about her disability. Hope's feet and ankles were amputated when she was eight. She has prosthetics, but she prefers to dance without them, "because they are sort of heavy."

Hope received a scholarship to dance regularly with a class with students without disabilities. At first, they were kind of surprised to see her. But, she says, " I'm too busy having fun in there to think about why."