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Jenna Feci

Photo of Jenna Feci

"Just because I was in a wheelchair and couldn't do some of the things that other people could do as easily, they would just put me off to the side and forget about me..."

"After I started singing in school, it probably was the first time that I ever really felt like I had a friend or had a chance of making a really good friend. Not just because of the singing, but now they know that I could do the things that they could. I wasn't someone who just sat in a wheelchair all day."

Jenna no longer has difficulty making friends. Now recognized as a talented professional singer, she often performs at dinners, conventions and festivals. Jenna's mother says she is not sure what Jenna's life would have been without VSA arts. Jenna's current professional status has made the same kids who used to make fun of her, want to perform like her, and some of them even express some measure of jealousy about her accomplishments.