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Artists Featured in Book

Jenni Faith Harrison

Photo of Jenni Faith Harrison

When Jenni acquired a spinal degenerative disorder and began using a wheelchair, her life took a different path. Now, she says she likes her life better. While searching for an art supply store during her recuperation from surgery, she came across VSA arts Nevada. Interested in working with inner-city youth coping with the pressures of substance abuse and gangs, she joined a VSA arts summer program for high-risk youth and was able to realize her dream.

"We don't have the choice as to what happens to us, we only have the choice as to how we deal with what happens to us... As I started working with the artwork, it eased the pain. It gradually can build to the point where you're starting to feel better about yourself. I started having more faith that maybe I could get healthier. I think that's the role arts can play in healing."

Jenni says her injury has forced her to slow down. And as she moves more slowly through life, Jenni observes things around her more closely and takes interest in smaller things. She says, "Before life just sort of happened around me. Now, I'm living right in the middle of it."