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Joy Indik

Photo of Joy Indik

Born with several disabilities, including a hearing loss, Joy has always been a bit shy and withdrawn, but her natural shyness never diminished her desire to act. "It's easier to say things onstage than in real life... I feel more comfortable with who I am...I think I've become more sure of myself in a lot of ways because I've been asked to play a variety of ages, a variety of character types."

When the Unlimited Potential Theatre Company, (UPTCO), sponsored by VSA arts New Jersey, was formed in 1988, it was designed to provide theater opportunities to people with disabilities. Since then the group has expanded to include people without disabilities. Since finding UPTCO, Joy has performed in a number of roles including acting, company publicist and bookkeeper. She has also written a play that was performed by the group.

"Before I was just playing servants or old ladies... I used to try to hide that I had a hearing problem... With this group I'm able to play a wide range of characters..."