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Artists Featured in Book

Marc Frye

Photo of Marc Frye

Because of his developmental disabilities, Marc Frye is often pigeonholed in dull work. The arts allow someone's personality to be experienced very differently. While Marc normally presents a shy and reserved character, his visual work is bold, assertive, and colorful.

"I was working at a place called Goodwill, and I didn't like it very well. It was kind of boring. I was doing the same thing all the time. Now I'm an apprentice artist at VSA arts New Mexico. I take classes and I work in the gallery."

Marc is very active creatively. His poetry is published in The Enabled Writer, he works in oil pastels, sells many of his brightly colored paintings and portraits, dances twice weekly with the "Buen Viaje" dancers, and exhibits at the VSA arts New Mexico Gallery.

"I didn't know I had talent until I started at VSA arts New Mexico.... My life has changed a lot. I'm an artist, and a writer."