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Randy Chang

Photo of Randy Chang

"I like people to know that even though I have Down Syndrome and am legally blind, I still have lots of talents and I like to be happy. I work so hard because I enjoy learning. My mom makes all learning interesting. That keeps me going!"

Randy's two older brothers were both successful musicians, and he wanted to join them. When they went off to college, Randy wished out loud that one day he could play like them. A family decision was made to offer him the opportunity. While the lessons were very difficult at first, Randy and his mother kept with it. Randy reached a turning point when he realized that each day he was playing better, and that practice would eventually result in his success.

VSA arts offered Randy the chance to be the VSA arts representative from Delaware to the International Festival in Belgium. He and his brother Isaac played a duet in Brussels.

Randy is now working hard to complete his high school diploma in a mainstreamed curriculum and is maintaining an "A" average.