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Randy Souders

Photo of Randy Souders

Randy Sounders paints idylic fairy tales and favorite children's stories. He delicately applies the most transparent colors he can find. The process yields a multi-layered image allowing the piece to glow with layers of color. He has a loyal following of fans and collectors.

"The corporations that I work for aren't in the charity business," Randy says. "I'm making money for them. Same with my collectors. They may take a great deal of interest in my personal life as well, but that's not why they want the paintings. They want a product that's there to begin with. No matter what, your product has to be there to start.

"I think my ability to create something that competes in the real world with everyone else is the best testament to the value of a person with a disability... I've worked 21 years full-time, paying taxes as a professional artist. Not an easy thing to do for anybody."

Randy speaks of the act of creation in a work of art as the need and power to make choices. He reflects that the power to make choices in one area of an artist's life empowers him to make choices in other parts of his life. Thus, by choosing, he commands respect from himself and others. Randy was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. He serves on VSA arts' board of directors.