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Sarah Bezio

Photo of Sarah Bezio

"Painting has changed my life. It showed that I could finally do something by myself. It also lets me sit in a regular education classroom and paint with all the other kids, and that's a great feeling..."

"I get frustrated. Sometimes I can't control my hands so they get in my way. Other times my brush just doesn't go where I want it to. But I just keep trying...."

Sarah says, "I feel very happy while I'm painting. Painting on my own is best. Because everything I do I need help with, but not painting, this is just me." Sarah has cerebral palsy and paints with a brush attached to a head pointer.

Greg Ilse, Sarah's junior high school art instructor, found out about a contest run by VSA Wisconsin. He entered her artwork and Sarah won a VSA arts Wisconsin Children's Collection award for "Harvest,"; a work she'd done with fingerpaints.

Greg's experiences with Sarah have changed his life. "I think the experience [of painting] has made her feel more comfortable, and lifted her self-esteem....Sarah made my job teaching, when I was kind of worn out here, a real was the best teaching experience I've had in thirty years."