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Artists Featured in Book

Stephanie Birmingham

Photo of Stephanie Birmingham

She loves dancing, writing, painting and drawing. Winner of the 1996 VSA arts Wisconsin Children's Collect Award for her "Bat at Colorful Land" painting, Stephanie was featured in a segment on the Wisconsin Public Television program "Get Real." In 1998, she took part in a VSA arts Wisconsin dancing workshop in Green Bay. Stephanie does all these things from her wheelchair because she has osteogenesis imperfecta.

Her mother says, "She talks about getting lost in her writing. I see that happen... Her poems really come from her soul. I think the arts are in her future. They empower her.... When she talks about wheelchair dancing, I think it's an attainable dream, and its good to have a dream."

Stephanie says, "I tell the kids at school that I'm no different than them, and to treat me the way they treat everyone else...Don't look at me from the outside physically. Look at me for who I am and the being inside."