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Putting Creativity to Work: Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities

Career Guide: Table of Contents, Expanded

Putting Creativity to Work Career Guide: Table of Contents, Abbreviated

Introduction, Foreward, Table of Contents 128 KB

Section I: Clarifying Your Direction

  • Chapter 1: Knowing What's Right for You 76 KB
    1. A. Taking a Look at a Careers in the Arts
    2. B. Knowing Yourself: The Self-Assessment Process
    3. C. Getting Additional Guidance on Self-Assessment
    4. D. Indentifying Your Options
    5. E. Researching your Options
    6. F. Evaluating your Options and Desiging a Course of Action
    7. G. The Story of Bill, a case history
    8. H. Using the Internet as a Research Tool
  • Chapter 2: Your Career Options in the Arts 772 KB
    1. A. Career Opportunities in the Literary Arts
    2. B. Career Opportunities in the Performing Arts
    3. C. Career Opportunities in the Visual arts and Design
    4. D. Career Opportunities in Arts Services
    5. E. Other Career Guides
      • Career Guides for the Literary Arts
      • Career Guides for the Performing Arts
      • Career Guides for the Visual Arts
      • Other Useful Career Guides
      F. The Impact of Technology and the Internet on Arts Careers

Section II: The First Step Toward a Successful Career:
Training, Education and Experience

Section III: Jumpstarting your Career

  • Chapter 6: Making a Good First Impression 108 KB
    1. A. Marketing yourself and your talent
    2. B. Resume basics
    3. C. Portfolio basics
    4. D. Interview basics
    5. E. For People with Disabilities: Know Your Rights as an Interviewee
    6. F. Cover Letters and Thank-You Notes
  • Chapter 7: Job Search Basics 60 KB
    1. A. Places to Begin your Job Search
    2. B. The Art of Networking
    3. C. Employment and Temporary Agencies
    4. D. Want Ads
    5. E. Creating a One-of-a-Kind Position: The Employer Proposal
  • Chapter 8: The Self-employment Option 80 KB
    1. A. Exploring Self-Employment as an Option
      • Exploring Self-Employment as an Option
      • The First Steps toward Self-Employment
      • Possible Barriers to Self-Employment for People with Disabilities
      • Tips on Preparing a Business Plan
    2. B. Resources for the Self-Employed and Entrepreneurs
  • Chapter 9: Mapping the Road to Success 192 KB
    1. A. Launching a Successful Career in the Literary Arts
      • Where to Start
      • Write Something!
      • Marketing your Products
      • Resources
      • Community Resources
    2. B. Launching a Successful Career in the Performing Arts: Acting
      • A Hard Look at Reality
      • Advice on Getting Started
      • Talent Agents
      • Managers
      • Headshots
      • Resumes
      • Demo Films and Audiotapes
      • Postcards
      • Your Appointment Book
      • A Word on Bookkeeping
      • Finding Work
      • Tips for Successful Auditions
      • Trade Papers and Talent Directories
      • Unions
      • Your Rights as a Performer with a Disability
      • Tips for a Successful Career
      • Resources Specifically for Actors with a Disability
      • Books on the Business of Acting
    3. C. Launching a Successful Career in the Visual Arts
      • Introduction: Why Do People Make Art?
      • Creating A Portfolio
      • Elements of a Portfolio
        1. Cover Letter
        2. Resume
        3. Slides
        4. The Artist's Biography
        5. The Artist's Statement
        6. Miscellaneous Portfolio Tips
      • Showing and Selling Your Work: Why? Where? To Whom?
      • The Pros and Cons of Working with Galleries
      • Pricing Work
      • Juried Exhibitions
      • Organizing your own Exhibition
      • Artist's Registries
      • Small Businesses
      • Municipal Spaces
      • Fellowships, Residencies, and Grants
      • Taxes
      • The Web
      • Resources for Visual Artists
      • Shipping Artwork
      • Slide Registries
      • Useful Web Sites

Section IV: Successfully Navigating your Chosen Path

  • Chapter 10: Basic Benefit Issues for Artists with Disabilities 236 KB
    1. A. The Eposidic Earner
    2. B. Health Insurance
    3. C. Social Security: Understanding SSI and SSDI
    4. D. Understanding Work Incentives
    5. E. Work Incentives that Apply to Both SSI and SSDI Recipients
    6. F. Work Incentives for SSDI Recipients Only
    7. G. Work Incentives for SSI Recipients Only
    8. H. A Closer Look as PASS
    9. I. The Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 and You (TWWIAA)
    10. J. Understanding Medicare
    11. K. Understanding Medicaid
  • Chapter 11: Working with Your New Employer 152 KB
    1. A. Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    2. B. Accommodations for Work
    3. C. Resources to Education Your New Employer

Appendices: Business and Professional Resources for Literary, Performing and Visual Artists 328 KB

  • Appendix A: General Arts Organizations
  • Appendix B: Arts Related Associations and Unions
  • Appendix C: Arts Related Journals, Trades and other Publications
  • Appendix D: Resources for people with Disabilities in the Arts
  • Appendix E: Internship Opportunities in the Arts
  • Appendix F: Funding Resources for Artists
  • Appendix G: State Technology Assistance Projects
  • Appendix H: State Client Assistance Programs and Protection And Advocacy Agencies For People With Disabilities
  • Appendix I: Job Resources

Bibliography 20 KB