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The Kennedy Center

2010 International VSA Education Conference Proceedings

Arts and 21st Century Learning Skills

Surprised to be Standing
- Steven Brown, Center on Disability Studies

Amazing Grace, Jack, and Multiple Intelligences
- Leslie Fanelli, Theatre in Motion

Neuro-Arts Education: Neuroscience and Education
- Dr. Rick Garner, Kennesaw State University

Art Education for the 21st Century
- Ellyn Gaspardi, Teaching for Artistic Behavior, Inc.; Katherine Douglas, Bridgewater Middle School

Rhythm Sounds (Prerequisites for Peace Ambassador Movement)
- Dada Ra, The Creators Gift 137

Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills
- Deborah Schwartz, Brooklyn Historical Society

Inclusive Arts Curriculum, Practices, and Assessment

Intergrated Arts Approaches in Education: Dramatic Arts as a Mediator for Literacy Learning
- Dr. Alida Anderson, American University; Linda Krakaur, George Mason University

Teaching Project for Inclusive Dance
- Leticia Peñaloza Nyssen, National School of Dance

Audio Description: A Path to Literacy for All
- Joel Snyder, Audio Description Associates

Strategies for inclusion in dance; disability, performativity and transition into and out if higher education
- Sarah Whatley, Coventry University (UK)

Pathways to Employment

Outsider Art, the Studio Movement and Gateway Arts
- Rae Edelson, Gateway Arts/Vinfen

Effectiveness of Counseling Program for Developing Art Expression and Adaptive Behavior
- Nadia Elarabi, VSA Egypt

These papers do not necessarily reflect the policies of VSA, the International Organization on Arts and Disability. You should not assume endorsement by VSA.