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Start with the Arts at Home

Image of Cover, starts with the arts

Start with the Arts at Home is an educational resource that uses the arts to assist young children, including those with disabilities, in exploring themes commonly taught in early childhood classrooms in the home setting.

The resource promotes the development of basic literacy skills and offers engaging arts activities parents can enjoy with their children. Adaptive tips are offered to ensure that children of all abilities are able to participate. Start with the Arts is VSA's newest offering that can be used in conjunction with the Start with the Arts Teacher's Guide. All resources provide creative learning opportunities through the arts.

Start with the Arts at Home contains nine read-aloud/arts activities that uses the arts as a way to develop and improve a child's reading skills. Literary and audio selections are listed within each activity to enhance the learning experience. All activities are designed to include children of all abilities and are adaptable to older children.

Start with the Arts at Home is available for free download in both English and Spanish. These PDFs are accessible and are available for download at your convenience.