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The Kennedy Center

Opera Institute

American University - Campus Life

Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center enjoys a strong partnership with American University. Its faculty, staff, and students play a large part in the successful organization and professionalism of the program. All classes for Opera Institute are located in the Katzen Arts Center on campus, the design of which enhances this program's multifaceted and creative nature.

A majority of our students choose to live on campus at American University during the program. (Participants also have the option to live at home and commute.) Students get a real college experience while residing on the north side of campus, conveniently located across the street from Katzen. Music undergraduates from American University serve as the Resident Assistants (RA's), providing supervision, planning events, and acting as "musical mentors" as they build relationships with the students. The RA's plan fieldtrips around the city to see sights such as the national monuments, Smithsonian museums, and more.

"You guys were amazing. Best RAs ever! The Katzen Center is a great space with an awesome location for both on and off campus students. The dorms were good and AU is beautiful."

- Opera Institute Alum

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