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The Kennedy Center

Opera Look-In

Grades 4-8

Bring your students to the opera!

The Opera Look-In program has been charming young audiences in the greater DC area for over twenty years. This 55 minute program is the perfect way to introduce your classroom to opera. The Washington National Opera's artists will perform scenes from one of the world's most beloved operas, Verdi's La traviata, in a presentation designed to creatively engage young audiences. Students will discover the behind-the-scenes magic of opera including topics such as lighting design, scene changes, stage tricks, musical themes, and much more!

Opera is a naturally multi-dimensional and multimedia art form, and by presenting its many facets, the Opera Look-In creates a dynamic experience for students from 4th to 8th grade. Designed specifically to academically and creatively engage children, this experience leaves students enchanted and singing for more!

The full program includes:

  • A dynamic, in-theater performance
  • An introduction to the production elements of opera
  • Study materials and resources aligned to national standards and local curricula
“This was an excellent presentation. It was age appropriate, engaging, and very informative. This performance did as much for the teachers as it did for the students. Our class will attend as many of these presentations as our schedules will allow.”

- Teacher who attended the Opera Look-In

Opera Look-In: La traviata

Standards Connections: English Language Arts—Literacy in History/Social Studies (RH.2, RH.7); Theatre—Performing (Pr.5.b—Technical)

Friday, October 12, 10:15 a.m. and 12 p.m.
The Kennedy Center Opera House
$6 per person (students, teachers, and chaperones)
The Kennedy Center School Brochure or call 202-416-8835